Monday, February 04, 2008

New Hair

Us girls got new hair tonight! Malaine was worried her's was to short in the back, like a boy. We reminded her that it was most certainly princess hair, or movie star hair at the very least! Makenna decided to go back to bangs(which I have BEGGED her to add for 6 months now, sigh)I think Hannah Montana might have something to do w/ the bangs, whoever, I am glad to not see them falling in her face. Sage getting a hair cut is always a treat and she had great fun laying on me trying to figure out why my hair was wrapped in foil!
Speaking of Hannah Montana, we saw the 3D movie this weekend. Makenna enjoyed it. I was reminded of how old I am all of a sudden! hehe! The thing I was disappointed in was that I have heard that Miley Cyrus professes to be a christian. But I would never have known that from this. Not that she did anything bad at all. But I sure hope that if we were in that type of movie, my #1 priority would be that people would see us praying together as a family before shows, or just acknowledging the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. Might not be what makes the $, but if it is truth, then I would want to show the world that YES we can love Jesus and be a rock star!


Anonymous said...

Love the new do's! Love your hair color! Abby has hers cut like Malaine but its growed out now. Very cute!


Finally a Family of Four said...

All the girls in the Laxton family look beautiful!!! I love the new looks.
Hanna Montana Rocks!!

the gove family said...

beautiful Laxton gals--can't wait to see another post like this soon, with the Mavery gal added :)