Friday, April 18, 2008

100 Good Wishes!

I am in the midst of spring cleaning, organizing, tearing apart closets, nesting? Maybe. Anyways, so I come across Sage's 100 Good Wishes Album. And guilt got me, because I had not given much thought to doing a quilt for Mavery. But after pouring back over Sage's book and seeing all those sweet wishes, I knew I had to do one for Ms Mavery. So I am once again asking for your help in welcoming our sweet girl into the family. And while WE are her parents and her siblings, her family also includes all of YOU who have prayed with us and loved her home. With Sage, I was part of a yahoo group that did an exchange for quilt squares. This time I will not be in a group exchange, so I REALLY need you! I have made so many new friends since we did the last exchange and I hope you will be a part of Mavery's quilt. And actually, Sage's quilt is still short squares, so, I would love for you to send one to her if you did not. You can read all the details on our new quilt blog. (Made by blog fairy, isn't it SO cute!?) Many of you are saying, what in the world is this quilt all about! Hopefully it will make more sense to you over there!


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Kim said...

I love the music on your blog! I couldn't find the song "She's a butterfly" I have the same player on my blog...can you help me find it? Thanks for your visit! Its good to "meet" you too!