Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Pinewood Derby Race

***Don't miss the quilt blog post, we can't wait to see who will share a square first!!****
Saturday Makenna & Sawyer were in their first pinewood derby race through Awana. They had a blast! Sawyer was all about speed. He did not care what his car looked like, as long as it went fast. Makenna on the other hand, could care less if her car rolled, but it had better look good! I think they both succeeded in that. It was quite fun to watch Sawyer as his car raced. He was SO nervous! He would stand at the starting line and bite his nails and cover his face, to cute!

Makenna won First Place for Design and Sawyer won 2nd place for Speed. Thank goodness, because I was not sure what was going to happen if one of them won something and the other did not! Mark enjoyed working with them on it, I had to wonder was it a dad race or kid race? hehe! We were thankful to Mark's dad for cutting out the guitar car and to my mom for helping Makenna decorate it. They are already talking about next year car designs. Top secret of course!

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Amy said...

Makenna and Sawyer, you guys rock! What amazing cars. Good job!