Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Peek at our Princess!

Hi Mommy, blowing you a KISS all the way from China!!!
Look at those cheeks on her! Only a waiting momma can get excited over a glimpse of her little ears! Look how THICK that hair is! You know I am already figuring out what bows to take with me!

Look to the right hand corner, see her coming in! As if to say, don't forget me, my mommy NEEDS my pictures!
Look at that face, isn't she precious!
I am sure Mavery will be so excited to see that I posted her photo wearing split pants for all the world to see!
Simply Beautiful

A family traveled to Jinhua for their daughter and that is how we were blessed with these photos. Their daughter is in the pink and blue that is a little smaller than Mavery. She apologized that there were not more clear of their faces, but can you even imagine the chaos of that moment going on! We are SO thankful for any little tiny glimpse of our precious girl, we are happy with pictures of her backside! Even the side of her face makes me smile. I have studied every teeny tiny detail of these pictures over and over. Where oh where is my I171??


Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! I'm excited to meet her soon!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Too sweet!!! What a priceless gift to get updated photo!!!

Anonymous said...

SO beautiful. Oh my gosh, she's a jewel. (As are all your babies!)

I have one question (feel free to ignore it) - Are you able to submit your dossier even though your agency is not accredited? My friend is in the same boat as you, paperchasing for a precious waiting child but her agency is not yet accredited either. She was told that she cannot submit her dossier until they are ... which could be months! Are you in this same situation? I am praying for you. I can't imagine how difficult this is!


Shannon said...

Hi Claire!

I have been thinking I should blog about this topic, but not sure what to say.. We are not sure what will happen when it comes time to submit our dossier. Since we have already applied for the I171, we are praying that we can get it on through. But we really just don't know. I was VERY upset when I first heard the news, and yet after I prayed about it just have had a strong sense of peace. I refuse to worry till we are actually ready to be dtc. Thank you for praying, please continue to do so. We won't actually breathe till Mavery is in our arms, here, home.

julie w said...

She is beautiful!!!! That is so great that you have updated pictures of her! I can't wait to meet her!
Love ya,