Monday, April 14, 2008

Hammy The Hamster is no more..

Well, I guess if you can't escape the cage, you just kick the bucket while in it. Today I went downstairs and checked in on the hamster, and he appeared to be laying at an odd angle. I told Mark he might need to check him out and he said, uh, he is dead. DEAD? The hamster who ran FREE for months on end and escaped us how many times has now died? What in the world am I going to blog about if I can't blog about the hamster and how smart he is! I guess he outsmarted us in the end, he is FREE! Running in the land of passed on hamsters I am sure! ;-)
So were the kids sad? They just wanted to know if they could dig up the backyard and bury him. We read that dwarf hamsters only live a short time, so I guess it was his expiration date. THANK GOODNESS we found him when we did or we would have been in trouble. Oh and can you imagine had I actually sold him to some sweet kid at my yard sale, to have him die on them a week later. My oh my.
One of my friends suggested today that we should stick to kids rather than pets. Probably a smart idea! The good news is, we now have TWO cages to go in our next yard sale pile! HA!

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Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

I'm so sorry your SMART little hamster died. :( But I have to say that I'm laughing so hard over here at your post!