Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Shop till you Drop!

Well Saturday we are having the yardsale of all yardsales! We are SO excited and you would not believe what amazing friends we have! The donations have just poured in, we have had at LEAST 20-25 familys donate. And the help in pricing, I would have been SO lost w/ out these amazing girls who have been here many, many days helping to keep me sane. I have had help w/ my kids, people helping to make lunch for workers, friends offering to carry things upstairs. And it even seems the weather is supposed to be good on Saturday! Thank you Jesus for that!

We got sad news this week. My sister in laws mother passed away suddenly. (she lost her father 18 months ago). We will be going down for her funeral on friday morning. please pray for them. And those amazing friends I have? They have stepped up and even offered to RUN the sale if we needed them to be here while gone.

They are making signs, and just being SO encouraging. They are even offering to be here EARLY on saturday! We are so, so thankful for everyone who has helped us out. We can't say thank you enough for all everyone has done for us.

Today as going through the stuff, we came across some sheets and a bedskirt. A brand new bedskirt still in the package. Well, I have been needing a bedskirt, I ruined my old one by drying it. And trying to figure out how I was going to find one to match the comforter we had. Guess what? The brand new one in the yard sale pile? It is the SAME bedskirt I had! It is not just a plain one, it is one that matched the set! Isn't that just like God to give us those sweet little surprises in a pile of yardsale "stuff"! Which is kind of like this whole yard sale. It is ALOT of work for sure. but the blessings I have found in the friends & family helping out are just so sweet.


ethel said...

i hope we can try and come!! come visit my blog if you want sometime, k? do you mind if i put your link on mine..just incase someone finds mine ..finds yours...etc! take care!

ethel said...

ps..i post as Ethel..i'm Martha N. in MOPS ;-)

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