Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Package to Mavery

We have been able to send a few things to Mavery, but I had not sent a large package that was personalized. (meaning my hands had not touched everything) So I was waiting for that final approval and I went to work. Maybe going a little overboard! Mark says he is sure that the workers will be thrilled when they see the bag of junk they get to store till we get there. And it should be fun getting the things we have already sent home! But when the waiting is hard, what does a mama do to feel better? Shop of course. Or eat, but shopping is much better for the China pictures if you ask me!
My friend Leigh and I sent a package together. She has Emma, who is 5 and we are hopeful to be traveling to China for the girls together. We met online when we found out our girls were both at Jinhua. She donated a digital camera in the package, so we are hopeful for maybe a few more shots of the girls before we go.
I made the tote bag thinking maybe that might help them be able to keep track of her things. We have been blessed for sure with Mavery being at Jinhua. They seem so excited about us coming and visiting and we are thankful for the care she seems to be receiving.
The build a bear has my voice recorded in it. Mark had a good laugh saying Mavery is just going to be convinced a mama is either a stuffed bear or a black box from all the people who come in to take her picture for mama! The photo album is lots of fun with a mirror and we included photos of her bed, her doll that we will bring with us, and pictures of us. I am most excited about the red book and really hope that they will take the time to fill it in. It is a book of 80 questions in Chinese, w/ space on the opposite page for the questions to be translated. Questions about her being found, her name, basically her life before us. We think it will be such a treasure for her and so I am praying they do work on it. We did not have a chance to get this done for Sage, but we were lucky to get information on her through Half the Sky.
I also threw in hair bows in hopes they will leave her hair growing! We know that many times they do shave their heads for summer, but we hope they leave hers alone. Not that it will matter, you know I will get bows on that head.
I know the package landed in China, but can't track it past the border. We hope to find out if it actually made it.
Still no word on travel. We hope early October. We pray for early October. If not, they have lots of trade fairs that go on in late October, which could cause us to miss her birthday on November 1st. Early October would mean missing Makenna and Malaines birthdays, but they are ok with that. So pray for us if you will that we can leave even possibly late September. We are ready to go that is for sure.
And on a side note, school went MUCH better today than yesterday with a certain someone, so that is a big praise!

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Mom to my China Posse said...

What a great package! How did you do that little shirt for the bear? Very cute!