Sunday, August 03, 2008

EIGHT IS GREAT, Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Sawyer began the day with breakfast in bed, compliments of Makenna! Sawyer & I had lots of fun building his turtle!

He was excited to get a new webkinz from Grammy & Papa
And as you can see, very excited about a few other things to!

So excited he could not stand it!

8 candles on the cake!! takes alot of energy to blow that many out!

Friday, August 1st was a PERFECT Day! And I would like to go into details on why it was so perfect, but this is Sawyers post and so we will save that. But of course being that it was Sawyers birthday was some of the perfect part!

Sawyer started the day with breakfast in bed, compliments of his oldest sister. She loves that part, and we love that she always loves to do that for us! Then Sawyer and I had a morning out, just the 2 of us. He had received a gift card for build a bear (thank you Neace Family! ) and was anxious to finally build something of his own.
On our drive to the mall Sawyer said "wouldn't it be PERFECT if we got news about Mavery today mom, we would never forget that!" Hmmmm...(He also said he needed a brother with a birthday of September 1st, so that we would have kids birthdays on 8/1, 9/1, 10/1 & 11/1, I told him to take that up with God and his Dad!)
We built his turtle with the karate outfit of course! It comes with belts for every level, which he is excited about.
We enjoyed hot chocolate at Starbucks for a treat. (despite it being HOT outside)
We had lunch at Denny's, his choice. My kids have a Denny's addiction.
We spent the evening at Bible School for the final night, how great is that to spend your birthday evening with all your friends!
We were blowing out candles at 1030 pm. The kids thought we were AMAZING to let them stay up that late eating CAKE! (We thought we were crazy, but what do you do, we were on clean up crew. Oh yeah, we were on set up crew and work all week in bible school crew to!)
Sawyer said it was his BEST birthday ever! I was sure it was because he got a date with his mom! I love this boy of mine. Our prince in a house full of princess'. The one who at 8, gets excited to hang out with mom and holds my hand when we are out walking around. Who never stops talking and who makes me laugh with his imagination & witty sayings. He has such a tender heart and hurts for those who are hurting. He is WAY smarter than I am at all things electronic and is very into his video games. Every movie we see or story we hear, he has it turned into a video game in his head and I am sure someday will be designing games.
On the way to the mall on Friday he said, "mom, do you realize I almost have FOUR sisters!" that is more than most people have kids!, that is ALOT of girls"! Yes, it is. And we are thankful for our boy in that mix. Happy Birthday Sawyer!


Mom of 5 said...

What a great day !

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!! Its looks like you had an awesome birthday. Sometimes those Birthday wishes do come true!

Anonymous said...

Tell that awesome nephew of mine that I'm so glad that is birthday was so great! He really is a great kid and a blast to watch! God is going to do great things through him - that's for sure!

Love him alot

Aunt Deb

Amy said...

Hey Sawyer! Happy Birthday. I am sending Ninja Turtle hugs. Hee hee!