Monday, August 04, 2008

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WHAT's It spell??

LOA, which is not a word, but basically what it means is letter of approval or seeking confirmation letter actually or what you really need to know.....


Oh my heart is SMILING!!!

Want to know the date on the letter?

July 29th...

You know, the day my heart was so heavy I did not think I could stand it. The day I wrote the I miss Mavery blog.

Mark is enjoying the fact that God's timing is once again, perfect.

And that is the thing. No matter what, God is in control. I know that, and I was gently reminded of that all weekend. This is not about me. Or Mark or even Mavery to be honest. This is about God's plan in our lives. God is faithful and once again He has shown that He is running this show.

The call actually came on Friday, you know, the day Sawyer said"wouldn't it be a PERFECT day if we got news of Mavery today". We had just finished lunch at Denny's when my cell phone rang. I did not recognize the number and my heart stopped I am pretty sure for a moment. And then those magical words, we have good news for YOU!!!

They asked me not to post anything, because I was the only one to get the letter, and there were others waiting. Which broke my heart for my mama friends. So, that is why it is just now on the blog.

Today the package came with the letter. I opened it and just felt like I was not supposed to rush and send it like I wanted to. I really had to question that , Fed ex picks up at 430, and it was getting closer. Later, after the fed ex pick up time, I started studying the papers. the TWO papers. I thought they just sent me a copy, so was trying to figure out which copy would need signed. Well, upon closer inspection I saw it was NOT my information on the 2nd paper. It was one of the other waiting moms! So after a call into our agency I was able to speak to Carol and get her information so I could fed ex her letter to her. Thank goodness I paused and listened, there is a good chance I would have signed HER paper and messed it all up! Or stuck it in my "pile" you know the pile that needs filed that is just a growing mess? ugh!

The sad part in all of this is that my friend Leigh(we met online during the wait) did NOT get her loa. She was just a few days behind me. Her daughter Emma is with Mavery. (same agency) We have just figured we would get them together, travel together, and knew it would be so perfect for our girls to leave together. We are still praying that hers will be here soon, and we might still end up being able to go together somehow. Say a prayer for her if you will.

So now what? We get to WAIT some more! Isn't that the adoption motto, wait, get excited wait? We send in our letter, it gets to China and we WAIT for our TA.(travel approval) THEN we Wait some more to get a date in china! In reality? We would LOVE to be in China next month. Is it going to happen? I have no idea. But for now, I am peaceful. Mavery turns 3 on November 1st and my prayer is that we have in our arms by then. There are a lot of things going on in China. The Olympics for one being a huge deal. I can't imagine that is not going to back things up for me. Then, there is a national holiday, which means nothing can happen over there during that time. THEN, there are these trade fairs that go on that means the hotels are outrageous or not available. 2 of our girls have birthdays in October. We don't want to be away for those if it is possible. Right now I feel good about travel. Mark believes this should last about a week! TA's have been coming on average 3 weeks after loa. So we should know more then.

Right now, I am just on my knees in thanksgiving to our Father. I have been on edge ever since they questioned the medical. So it is a HUGE relief just knowing that we are good. Mavery is officially ours in their eyes to. We are going to CHINA! By Christmas time, our arms will be full of FIVE kids. Life is good, God is good. We are blessed.


Emily said...

I thought you had gotten it :)
So happy for you guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shannon and Mark,

I figured by Sawyers post that you guys had GREAT news to report! I am so happy for you guys. I know your heart is rejoicing right now. I can't beging to imagine the feeling. You guys are SO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Yochum

Anonymous said...

My heart leaps for joy at your happy news! Congratulations!

Amy said...

Praise the Lord, she is almost home!

Mom of 5 said...

Yippee !
What a blessing.

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

WOOHOO!!! You are SOOOOO close to being on your way my friend! I'm just thrilled for you!!! Prayers for the mama still waiting LOA. The wait is so terribly painful. What perfect timing...HIS timing!

annaliese said...

congratulations!!!! yay!!!!!!