Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sage's Memories

My emotions are all over today. I have been wanting to get this project done for 2 years now, and finally finished it. These are the clothes that Chen Yi Qiao was found in. Our Sage. As I opened up that package and held them in my arms I was filled with so many things. Thoughts of her birth mother, who held these same clothes in her hands. Thoughts of Sage and what she looked like as a tiny newborn baby. Thoughts of a God who is so big, that He brought this little girl into my life. Thankfulness that we were given these tiny pieces of her past. As I held them in my hands, Makenna walked in and was studying them. "do you think her birth mother made the hat for her mom?" We will never know. But just as there is a little heart on the shirt that says love, we will always love the choice this other mother made. A gift to us for sure. I found it fitting that I was compelled to pull out these clothes this week. A mother in China put her daughter in these clothes as she said goodbye. Two years ago I held that baby girl for the first time in China.... Tomorrow a Gotcha Day Post!

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Dana said...

This is sooo sweet! How in the world did you end up with it??
I was a little misty reading this post, as I have had similar thoughts about Ellie's mother. She was found at 12 days, how hard it must have been to let her go after that long.
Love your blog!