Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Back to School, at home of course

Makenna did not want to be in the picture, just read on and you will understand why, she rolled her eyes at me when I asked her to be in it!

We had big plans, we were going to school year round. It just made sense. We could just do a few days a week, then just take off when we needed. In particular when we traveled to China. And that was ok, for about 2 days. Till everyone else was out of school. And we enrolled the kids in one, or two or more day camps, away camps, getting out of the house for any reason camps. So we finally gave up and decided we would start when most everyone else started. Today was the big day. I asked Makenna if she wanted a new outfit in honor of the first day, she just rolled her eyes at that one while telling me how she is saving her money to go back to Victory. She only has $2500.00 left to save up. We figure at the rate she is going she can go back in about 15 years. Of course by that time she will be to old to attend, so I suggested she might want to just spend the money on something else. I think that got me an eye roll also. That girl is a good student, but if rolling your eyes or exaggerated sighing was a class, I would say she is surely gifted. On to the first day...

Sawyer and Malaine were so excited, they could not wait to begin. They even pulled out their backpacks and wanted me to make them a lunch in their lunch box. Which I did, pulled out the lunchable and zipped it in their bag! ;-) Sawyer is now a 2nd grader, and Malaine is kindergarten! These 2 enjoy school and have made homeschooling so far pretty fun. (I have been doing school on and off with Malaine since April)

Then there is Makenna, our now 5th grader, almost 11 year old with so much attitude we wonder if boarding school would take her. She does not like any curriculum we pick out, she does not like anything I suggest and it seems if I speak it just makes her mad. Is this an oldest child thing, a pre-teen thing? Mark is sure excited to have FOUR teen girls in the house! Ugh.. I should add before you all think I am ruining her life, she does not want to attend public school, she wants to attend Victory. Which we can not afford. I told Mark we better start putting money away for the years of therapy I am convinced this child might need. ;-)

I have been meaning to list my curriculum just in case you are curious. What we chose last year, we did not care for. It was a tough year that is for sure. I had heard the first 2 years are hard. Add to the adjustment of coming home so last minute (remember we decided to homeschool in August), going on a big family vacation in October, then finding Mavery in November. Not to mention schooling with Ms Spicy girl in the house. There were many days we wanted to throw in the towel and admit defeat. I watched with longing as the big yellow bus rolled by my house twice each day. But I was reminded again and again, I was not homeschooling because I wanted to, I was doing it because God called us to. If God said differently, we are willing to listen. Believe me, I have some days BEGGED to hear differently. Big yellow bus, hours of freedom for me, no one rolling their eyes at me during the day, oh it sounds wonderful! Getting kids to sit and listen and do their work, along with getting life done, it is hard. But we go into this year more excited. We have a better idea of what we are doing, we are excited about the curriculum, we like the freedom of being home. Our summer was busy, our school year is much more relaxed in many ways. So, just in case you wonder, here is what we use.

Makenna is using

  • Switched on Schoolhouse. It is all done on the computer. We think this is going to be a good thing, she can't get mad at her teacher (me) about everything. It grades her tests, and is pretty cool. However, she is leery of it and so I will have to let you know how it works out. (I am pretty sure she enjoys me being her teacher so she can yell at me!)

  • How Great thou Art

Sawyer is using

  • Bob Jones math (mark teaches this)

  • Handwriting with out Tears. ( we all love this)

  • Time 4 Learning (online phonics program)

  • How Great Thou Art (art of course)

  • Sonlight--I was leery of this, it is a literature based program. It is very pricey and I was just not sure Sawyer would care for it, or that I would have time to get it all done. LOTS of reading. But my sweet friend offered to LOAN it to me, so I decided worth a try. We have only done a little bit, but we both really enjoy it. This covers all other subjects.

  • Time 4 Learning also has math, science and geography on it. If you have a child that needs a little practice outside of school, it is really great. Educational games, very cool.

Malaine is using

  • Bob Jones Math

  • Rocket Phonics

  • Handwriting with out tears

  • How Great thou Art

There are other little things that the kids are doing, bible, awana, typing etc.. I am just to tired and figure you probably really don't care about ALL the details! And if you want to know WHY we are homeschooling, go back and read this post here.

So when the yellow bus rolls around this week to pick up the neighbors, I will try to not look out with longing, or carry the 10 year old out and throw her on. Who am I kidding, we are not even out of bed when the bus comes around! (one thing we ALL like about homeschooling!) It is going to be a good year. Our 2nd year. A year of memories to be made together for sure.


Lady in Waiting said...

Just wanted to say Hi - we started school yesterday too - three boys and one daughter at home 5,6, and 7th grades and one preschooler!! We also use Switched On and LOVE it - my boys like it that they work independently, I like it that it grades (mostly) and takes a bit of my work out of it for me! ENjoy the year -just wanted to encourage you!!

annaliese said...

enjoy your first week back--sour attitude from one and all! :) know that it is worth it.

we will be joining you (in back to home-school) in a couple of weeks :) I still need to pull some of my curriculum together, so it was very helpful to look at some of the ones you are using!