Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lake Get Away

Sage listening to the movie like a big girl. And yes she still takes a pacifier. Sometimes you do what you have to do to have a little quiet!
Walking to the boat, anxious to go for a ride! Weekdays on the lake are calm, weekends, not so much.
The Boys, I am totally with Sawyer, we need more boys in this family!
The girls, can't wait for one more to match!
Fun at the Strip near Bagnell Dam
Sage was nervous in the maze, but covering Daddy's eyes does not help him find the way out!
Sage is getting quite bossy as she speaks more. Lately we have heard, "back off" w/ a flip of her hand at us and "don't talk to my mommy".

So cute!
Confused in the maze?
We battled the Brave maze!

We decided we would do one last get away as a family of 6. My parents own a condo on The Lake of the Ozarks, so we have been down for the week. One of the great things about homeschooling, we can school wherever we choose! So we have spent mornings doing school and afternoons in the pool or on the boat. Mark working from home means he can work anywhere. It has been a challenge keeping 4 kids quiet while he is working in the next room, but overall it has gone well. Malaine has now joined her older siblings in officially swimming all over the place with out floaties. Sage is ready to lose the floaties all together but we are not quite ready for that!

We were able to meet up with my friend Kathy one evening which we always enjoy.
We spent one evening on the "strip". The kids had a good time finding our way through a maze and then walking through the tilted house. Sage was really trying to figure out why the floors were slanted!
We are missing Mavery that is for sure and I am getting anxious about that Travel Approval. I had hoped it would come this week. Our LID fell while we were here for Memorial Day, so hearing we have TA would be a perfect ending to our time here, don't you think? Trying to remain calm, but you know I am watching the calendar and worrying about things. Trying to hold back from writing my Dear China letter! ;-) But, maybe I will. Desperate times call for desperate letters ya know?
**If anyone knows how to teach me to put my pictures into a collage for these posts where I have alot of pictures, I would so appreciate the help. I know in China we will have lots and I really want to learn how to do that!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

It looks like a fun get-a-way! Bring on the China works every time!! heehee

annaliese said...

Praying your TA arrives soon! can't believe how close you are to going back! these photos from your lake get-away are beautiful :) love the one of the kiddos walking hand-in-hand on the bridge especially.