Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lainey Day

We took Malaine out for the day recently since she did not go to Branson with us. She was ready to spend the many gift cards she received for her birthday and we had lots of fun! First stop was new crocs, this child picks things out faster than anyone in my house. Then it was off to Build a Bear where she had lots of fun making this to cute leopard! We went to Childrens Place where she insisted on trying on clothes before picking out what she wanted. After that we went to Incredible Pizza, which all my children adore. We ate to much and had fun playing. Last we stopped at Toys R Us so she could finish off her birthday money. Save is not in her vocabulary. Thanks again to all our friends for the great gift cards, we are having fun with them for sure!

Lainey is just so pleasant and happy and easy going. She is happy with whatever you want to do and just sweet! Mark's mom often comments that she acts like Mark did as a child. My mother on the other hand, does not dispute this by claiming she acts just like me as a child. Though my mother does enjoy saying how one or 2 other children in the house do act just like me as a child. (I won't mention that this is done when I am complaining about said children (2 certain females) and I am pretty sure there is a gleeful evil glint to her eyes saying oh I prayed so hard for paybacks someday!)

But back to Malaine... We had a fun day and it was nice spending one on one time with just her. Being that she is the true "middle child" I always worry she is going to grow up saying she was just stuck in the middle of a bunch of kids. So I hope that she remembers how much fun we had and I pray she always stays this smiley!

More posts coming, we are schooling at the Lake this week! FUN!


Shawnstribe said...

Shannon ive just come across your blog and you are an inspiration.
We came home with our baby last Dec, and plan to start a homestudy this DEc.
We live in the UK

Anonymous said...

Malaine is so beautiful! Middle children are extra special...remember that! :) Glad you had a great day with your precious girl. We need to get together...I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

She certainly is a cutie! Of course, she is part of our family!

Aunt Deb