Thursday, January 19, 2006

Let us Pray

This is what Malaine has done today. She wants to sit and hold "Sage". Isn't that sweet? To fun!
Today we found out that our documents have passed through the review room in China! This is VERY exciting because it means now we are going to the matching room! It is a relief to know that there were no questions in the review room, we are ok and approved. Now to think that soon, our name is going to be on our daughters paperwork. Wow!! In my heart, I do believe that my name has been on our child since before she was born. I know without a doubt, that God knew she was mine since forever. We are just waiting for it to all become official with the "officials". Today in the car we were listening to "choir songs" of course, and a song came on about prayer. "let us pray let us pray, every where in every way, Every moment of the Day it is the right time, For the Father above is looking down with love, And he wants to asnwer us, so let us pray" And Sawyer, our tenderheart, said, "We should be praying all the time that God would bring Sage home tomorrow, and then she will be here because He wants to answer us when we ask." This sweet boy of mine is 5, might I add. The things he says, just make my heart smile. How true is it? Sure we pray for Sage, every single day. But do we pray with out ceasing and ask for her to be home tomorrow? hmmmm. So we ask all our friends to join us in praying, for Sage to be home. Soon. Tomorrow would be nice, but we can settle for before summer! Our hope is a March referral. Thanks for going to the Father w/ us! "Let us pray without end and when we finish start again, Like breathing out and breathing in, let us pray"!

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