Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sawyer's Surgery

Sawyer did great today. In fact I think he is feeling better tonight than the rest of us. He was bouncing around the waiting room, excited for his surgery. Until his name was called, then he finally did get nervous. They made him drink medicine to relax him, but I don't think it worked. They had to carry him off kicking and screaming, which was horrible. He had tonsils and adnoids removed. The reason, they were overly large. He has a constant stuffy nose, swollen glands, etc.. The doctor is hopeful this will help him sleep better, eat better, possibly even help his speech. The surgery lasted 10 minutes maybe before the doctor came out to talk to us. This doctor is AMAZING. If you ever need an ENT in St Louis, call me. He is a christian for one. Just so positive. Everything went smoothly and said we could see him in a few minutes. Well a short time later, i could hear him SCREAMING. They said he was waking up and that we could see him in a minute. Talk about heartbreaking, i am listening to him scream, i want my mommy, i want to go home, and I can't go to him. They finished up w/ what they needed to do, and we were finally able to see him. I could not believe how much he was screaming, i figure his throat would hurt to do that. They made us wait about 2 hours to go home. During that time he watched cartoons, had juice to drink, played gameboy. He looked out of it. but would not give in to sleep. We were home about noon. He acts great. Bouncing around, YELLING. they sent me home w/ tylenol codene, which i expected would knock him out. Maybe tomorrow he will be more tired. Thankfully he said his throat does not hurt. Sawyers biggest worry is what kind of gifts he is getting from everyone. He remembers Makenna being in the hospital and coming home w/ a stash. Can you say my kids are spoiled?
I have not been able to sleep the last couple nights. I guess stress on top of my annoying sleep habits. I am exhausted so i hope to catch up tonight. My friend Laura brought us dinner tonight, which we were so thankful for. And my friend Sarah has promised enchiladas for tomorrow night. We have GREAT friends! Thanks for all your prayers.

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Julie H. said...

I dont know how this works - yikes three times a charm? Codine makes me hyper - enjoyed reading your blog