Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shannon's Sage, More Pictures

Here are a few more shots of our Sage doll. in the top you can see her full body. The choice is to have a normal, "stuffed/cloth" body or to add this plate for a belly. The bottom is a shot of her hair, it looks and feels real! It is getting a little frizzy from being touched, but Julie told me just to wash it and blow it dry and it will straighten back out. the last picture is a shot of her tush. Isn't that just adorable! That is also added on top of the cloth body. Julie also wanted to make sure anyone looking at her knew that you could add on eyelashes and eyebrows. i chose to leave them off. But that is a personal preference. I am not sure of her weight, but i am guessing around 4-5 pounds, so she feels like a real baby! E-mail me at and i will pass on Julie's e-mail to you so you can have one of your own!

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