Monday, January 02, 2006

Potty Party!

Today Makenna and I were reading about Dr Phils potty training in one day. Malaine is 3(october 11th)and has no interest in going on the potty. So after reading this one day training, Makenna decided to "help" by taking action. She found a doll and helped Malaine to take the doll potty. So then she insisted we have a Potty Tea party to celebrate. Mark was thrilled to be included in this! We had chocolate milk and chocolate cookies(remember, we love chocolate here) to celebrate the baby doll. Will this work? i don't think I will hold my my breath. Although eventually she
does have to use the potty right? And get rid of the pacifier, and sleep in her own bed all night? Oh well, some day all of a sudden she is going to be in highschool and these will be the least of my worries. Although this one, she is a handful. If you look closely, you can see her "uneven" hair. That would be because she cut it last week, right before Christmas. She is the sneaky handful!! Cute though, have to admit that!
Please pray for Sawyer, tomorrow he is having his adnoids, and tonsils removed. He is excited! Since Makenna was in the hospital for a week last year w/ an emergency appendectomy, he thinks this will make the score even. Kids. I think he is going to be singing a different tune tomorrow. Makes me nervous sending my baby in! I know though this is for the best. They say among many things, he might sleep better! Yippee for that one!

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