Wednesday, January 09, 2008

FBI Clearance

Still working on a post to help everyone understand the process, but for right now we are waiting on our FBI clearance. We had our fingerprints done at our local police station, they were sent off to the FBI. I tried to contact them yesterday and all they would say is they are still not in their data base and they could not confirm anything due to the high volume of work they have. As soon as we get this clearance, we can move on to another step of waiting in the home study process. SO.. I am asking that you join us in praying that our file would just happen to pop up on their desks today and that we would get our clearance so that next week we can move forward to another step of waiting. We have been told that INS is taking 8-10 WEEKS for clearance(this will be our last step before paperwork can go to china) so we are rushing as fast as we can just to get to that wait.
We have no doubt that God is in control and that He can hear our prayers. He is mightier than ANY person in charge of this paper chase that is for sure. I trust in His plan and His timing on when I will hold Mavrey for the first time. Just praying that His plan is sooner than WE can even imagine!

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