Thursday, January 03, 2008

No Shocker..

First, I will demonstrate my favorite activity, climbing. And notice my shirt is backwards, I now insist on dressing myself. TaDa is my new word!
Well, if i can't climb on that side, I will get a little help from my Dora chair.
Come on Mommy, help a girl out!
So, now that I am in, let me show you how i get OUT! One foot over...
OOPS, maybe not... Don't worry though, try, try again.

We have been surprised that Sage had not started climbing out of her crib, and VERY thankful. She is such a good sleeper, as long as she is in her own bed. But yesterday after naptime she threw herself over the side. And this morning, early, VERY early, she came running into our room. This is not good when you are a spicy girl. She is no where near ready to be in a big girl bed, and we are FOR SURE not ready for that move! I do not trust her to be free! So, I am searching for a crib tent, before she manages to hurt herself. Any ideas let me know!

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Beverly said...

No ideas but she is sure darn cute trying.