Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Quiet Sage is not a Good Sage

It has been a long day, and Sage has just been especially spicy. We took down Christmas, and you know that is a job. I was sitting on the couch reading to Malaine and I asked, anyone seen Sage? I call out for her and I hear back, "What" which just cracks me up when she talks so big. She comes running down the hall and this is what I see..

TOOTHPASTE being used as SOAP! She said "washing hands". Well at least our spicy girl is a clean girl. And smelling quite Minty tonight I might add!
I reminded myself that I do get a 2 week vacation later this year! hehe! My mom has already said she is buying Sage a leash while we are gone, Probably not a bad idea!


tiffany said...

LOL Well at least it wasn't nail polish or scissors keeping her quiet. I speak from experience on this. ;)

Michelle said...

LOL! I love the phrase "Sage has been especially spicy". As the mom to a spicy girl, I SO know what you mean!!

Cute matching outfits! I could not resist buying matching outfits when we were first matched with Sophie. I hid most of them
from my husband. : ) Are those little pink shoes similar to Crocs? I have Crocs for the girls and love them, but those shoes you have are adorable!

my3 kids said...

OH oh too funny. What a monkey...Our Emma has done this with her cousin....2 minds working together and they squeezed out the whole tube of toothpaste into the sink in a matter of a couple minutes. Little monkey's. Guess it could have been worse...LOL

Esther said...

Sage surly has the Asian blood running in her... Don't you know that we Asians are climbers?

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