Thursday, January 31, 2008

Praying for China

Have you heard about the wild weather going on in China right now? They are having blizzards and ice and it is a mess. Today I got a message that Chenzhou, where Sage lived is without electricity and water!!!! Here was the message:

"Like many other places in Chenzhou, the orphanage lost electricity and tapwater forabout a week .Now ,the orphanage use coal and wood to make heat and carry waterbyhand .2)The orphanage bought some food ,clothes and other stuff before the most storesclosed.Now most stores are closed .Even if there are a few stores openoccasionally,the stuffwould be very expensive3)The orphanage is not able to receive anything or money from the outside sincethetransportation is blocked and post offices and banks are closed .4)Director said he can't think out what kind of help the orphanage need fromthefamilies now since they can't receive package or money from the outside and evenif theyhave money ,they don't have place to buy stuff.4)Director let me say thanks to all families who care about the orphanage.He said sofar the orphanage is doing good but he doens't know how much time it could lastif thesituation is getting worse ."

This is really a big deal. Babies, LOTS of babies and children, my heart just worries. My daughter is sitting in an orphanage right now. I have not been able to find out what is going on in her area of Jinhua, but I know it is cold. And I will assume, as most of the orphanges in china, they do not have heat.

Also, Chinese New Year is about to begin. That means that people all over china are trying to get home to their families. But they are not able. I have read blogs of adoptive families over there now who are stranded in airports w/ babies, or not even able to get to their babies province.

So I just ask you to please say a prayer tonight. That Mavery is warm. That she is healthy. For all the children there and families who are cold and trying to make their way home.

I know one thing, we are certainly thankful for the thought of traveling in a heat wave to china vs a blizzard!

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Stefanie said...

Oh my goodness! I will definitely say a prayer for all those precious babies who are without heat and water!! And especially for your sweet Mavery :)
Keep us posted on the situation there!