Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sage is Sick

Sage has been sick, but I am not sure she has been quite this sick before. A sick spicy girl is very sad! It is so not normal to see her like this. Still, and quiet. She went to the doctor today, and they think it is just a virus, but went ahead and put her on a zpac. She is running a fever and as you can see, her whole face is swollen, everything is running and she is just miserable. She just wants to lay in bed w/ bear and watch "dia". (dora) She keeps coming over and blinking her eyes fast and saying, "eyes, wawa"(water) because they are just dripping like a faucet. Please pray that our sweet girl will make a quick recovery. Sawyer is also on a zpac, but he is still bouncing around and acts fine besides a horrible cough. Tis the season I suppose!


Finally a Family of Four said...

Poor Sage, she looks so sick and lifeless, yet still a cutie pie. We hope she gets better soon and that the rest of the Laxton crew doesn't catch a bug.


Robin said...

Praying little Sage feels better fast and that everyone else remains virus free! Darn those viruses...they take so long to get over. Poor sweetie looks miserable! It was great to meet you guys Saturday! Hopefully we can get together when your girly feels better!!!


Stephanie said...

Praying for you guys! Sick Hunan Girls are heart breaking!
Ally and I are planning a trip to St. Louis and want to visit you guys!

Esther said...

Aww...maybe you could make her rice porridge/congee. That might make her feel better!!!! :)

She STILL looks really cute in her black dress with the blue bow.
Can't wait to play with her!!!