Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Mavery

Mavery with the director of her SWI. He sounds amazing from everyone we have heard who went to visit.
Sweet little sad face waiting for her mama
This is the group from our agency that is waiting
Jonah-Nathan-AnnaLin & Angi(AL is Angi's oldest daughter)
Mavery-Jin & Autumn(Autumn is Angi's new daughter that lived w/ Mavery!)

She just looks SO sad doesn't she? Oh she needs her mama that is for sure.

And she needs some PINK on! And hairbows, we need that girl to be in BIG bows. I wondered why all the other girls are in pink besides Ms Mavery. My friend said it must be her tutu is at the cleaners. ha! It must be to convince her daddy that it is ok for her mommy to be doing LOTS of shopping for his newest princess??

We are thrilled, to get a glimpse of her it does the heart good. It just looks like such a clean, good place. The children all look healthy and well taken care of.

Did you notice on the video at my friends blog, she is not staying there to sing? And in the one photo, they are trying to make her sit down? This is supposed to be the easy child, I don't like seeing Sage like behavior there! ;0)

As for the medical "stuff"... The stuff I am just trying to ignore and pretend that it is all just perfect, as I pray it is! We sent 2 letters to china. One from our primary, who was not very helpful to me and was just being a doctor I suppose. One went today from our specialist who was being a christian doctor, it was amazing and perfect and if you ever need an ear, nose and throat dr, call me. He is unlike ANY doctor I have ever met. Anyways, both letters are going and we are just going to pray. Our agency sees no problem and we are just going to believe that. We appreciate your continued prayers as we wait.


Mom to my China Posse said...

Very sweet indeed! I love how her China sisters seem to be taking care of her in the pictures. Shes going to fit into the Laxton family just fine! I can't wait to see those smiles and big pink bows soon!

annaliese said...

so I respnded to your comment on my blog, but then I really wanted to come back over here and peek again at your blog :) she is just so gorgeous. i soooo wish we were going to meet here in July (like YOU don't! ha!) but I suppose we will just have to visit again! or you will have to make a little trip our way with the whole fam :) love ya!