Thursday, June 26, 2008

Strangers, US?

Here is from my friends blog about Mavery...

"OK now. Let me try to remember everything... The children's program director (short guy) said for Jin Cong (Shannon's sweetie) that she now is aware of strangers and gets upset by them easily. This of course is all normal for her age, and thus one reason why we just can't seem to get a picture with a smile from this girl. (I say this last sentence. :-) However, I saw with my own eyes that she smiles. They love her to death, as they do all the kiddos. He picked her up and she just smiled and giggled. But she wasn't happy to see us."
I just laughed and cried all at once reading that about her!! I was a little concerned that maybe she was sad ALL the time, so I am thankful to know that she is happy! I am just going to remember my friends comment awhile back, when she hides her face from us, just pretend she is playing peek a boo! ;-) I told Mark we are going to have to bring out all the tricks and become Mr and Mrs Fun. Because obviously, she is going to have a hard time. Please be praying specifically with us about this. That God would just plant us in HER heart, just a little bit.
We are so thankful to know that this is a good place that our sweet girl is in. From reading Angi's blog, you can tell the children are really loved.
Another blog coming today, it is a special day for Sage & our family!

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LOVE your wedding dress Esther said...

I will be praying for you and Mark to become Mr. and Mrs. FUN! :)

Oh oh oh, maybe you should just bring your *wedding dress* I am sure that will make her laugh out loud.

LOVE ME NOW!!!!! :)