Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's about time!

My parents, Grandpa, Mark and I, Shane and Esther
Shane & Esther at the Lake
Me & Esther (we attended a wedding for a couple in my church)
mom, Eshter & I

Remember this post about Esther? Well I am happy to report that it is official, my brother has a GIRLFRIEND! Wow, I have waited a LONGGGGGGGGGGG time to post about this! (oh he is so going to kill me, if he actually cheks the blog! hehe!)
For many years I have waited patiently(or not so patiently) for Shane to find a girl. I was not thinking he had to find a wife, just a nice girlfriend that I could hang out with. After many, many years, we figured it was not going to be a girlfriend, probably just a wife. Which I was fine with to. All the better, as long as I approved of her of course. (ha!) And for awhile I thought, well maybe God really did just call him to be single. Which is not what I wanted, but ya know. I always said I had so many children because my brother had none, I needed to make sure my parents had grandkids and all! ;0)
So Shane meets Esther when he went to seminary.(which he went to seminary to become a missionary, if you are wondering. Foreign missionary) And while it took awhile, months and months to be exact, they are now offically dating! We are thrilled. I have become good friends with Esther since we "met" online through Shane and I just LOVE her. Well I love her besides the fact she thinks my wedding dress is comical. These young girls today, they know nothing about fashion I tell you! I keep telling her, she will be old and married 14 years someday and someone will then laugh at HER wedding dress choice! Seriously, I love her and you know I am praying that she is the soon to be aunt to my children. Not that I am rushing things along, not me!
Shane brought her home with him this month and we took a family trip to my parents lake house. We had a great time getting to know her more and the children just adore her. Sage says all the time " where Esa go" Say Escarot and you will picture how she says it! It was quite a site going out, you know everyone is trying to figure out who goes with who in our group!
Esther was born in Taiwan and her family moved here to the states to start a chinese church 10ish years ago. She speaks fluent mandarin, so we have said we would keep her on speed dial while in China so she can translate Mavery for us! We wish we could just take her with us.
It is amazing how God has woven this all together for our family. Our heartbeat is for China and my brother has felt a calling there as well. To have this connection with Esther is just an added blessing! I can't wait to see how this story unfolds!

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Esther said...

Dear the Goleaners & the Laxtons,

Thank you for the wonderful 10 days I had with all of you...

I am the blessed one who has been not only "accepted" by you all but also "loved" and "cared"...thank you for your love toward a sinner like me.

I will never forget the sweet, fun, and memorable 10 days...Your wonderful faces, smiles, and laughters will always be in my heart.

P.S.: Did I tell you that I am SO honored to be on your blog? I AM!!!!! Thank you for spending time doing this...You are forgiven for making fun of me ALL THE TIME :)

Much much love from Esther