Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Mavery's referral picture
Sage's referral picture

Some have asked if the reports we get from China are true, or if they just check boxes and send you random information. And that is what I thought they did BEFORE I brought Sage home. Well, after reading Maverys report, I have gone back to Sage's report and this is what it said of Sage-

I do not think we need to say more on THAT subject!

I thought this comment by Amy from my last post was perfect as I was thinking of these reports.

"She is one step closer to home! We can't wait! I like the comparisons between Sage and Mavery:
Mavery sleeps in a crib Sage is an expert at escaping from cribs
Mavery uses a big vase to pee in Sage might need to try using a vase to pee in
Mavery uses a regular cup to drink out of Sage uses anyone's cup but hers to drink out of
Mavery doesn't like to be left alone in a room Sage SHOULDN'T be left alone in a room
Mavery loves to swing Swinging is one of the only things that Sage doesn't want to doI'll stop there. :) I am so excited to see how God has put these perfect girls together to be sisters. They are both so precious and we can't wait to get Mavery home!!! "

It is going to be fun around here, there is no doubt about that! And we can't wait!!!!!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

That is so funny! It won't be long!!!

Barbie said...

Those comparisons are too funny! I found your blog through Kathy (China Posse) and I love it! You have a beautiful family.