Friday, May 30, 2008

Update on Ms Mavery!

We sent a 2nd care package to Mavery through a sweet girl named Ann at Red Thread. (which by the way, looking for squeaky shoes, check her out, great deals!) Our fist package a friend took care of and we just sent a small picture album, a bear, a book and a camera. This time we used Ann so she could get us some answers to questions! We had hoped for pictures, but we are thankful for what information we did get.
Above is the package we sent. Ann is in China, so you tell her what you want, she buys the things and send them to the orphanage, plus calls to tell them it is coming, calls to make sure it made it there and can try to get you information. I just love the pillow and hope that they put it in Maverys bed with her so she sees us at night!
We did get updated measurements on her. She is
34.3 inches tall--Sage is 36
30 pounds--Sage is 27. I thought she weighed less, but just weighed her today
20 inch chest--Sage 20 inch chest
4.7 inch foot--Sage 4.5!
So the girls appear they will be very similar in size, which is very fun! (just an fyi, Sage & Mavery are just 20DAYS apart, in case you wondered!) And here is the information she gave us
Dear Shannon:
Below is the answers for your questions :
1.She sleeps in a crib.

2.Jin Cong does not have a speical sleep habbit ,she need not to carry or hold stuff to fall asleep.

3.During day time ,she will use a baby toliet (more like a big vase ,sorry i don`t know what the english name for this ),at night ,she need to use diapper.

4.She take regular cup when she drink liquid.
**I asked if she took a bottle at all.

5.She will get scared if leave her in the room by herself..
**Thank goodness no one in this house ever gets to be in a room by herself!

6.Food ,cookies ,ect can comfort her .
**maybe this explains why she weighs 30 pounds! ha!

7.She likes to eat everything except cucumber.
**This made us laugh, i can't even stand the smell of cucumbers, it ruins a salad for me!

8.The orphange told me that she close to all the nannies ,Jin Qiu and Jin Ming are her friends ,jin qiu will be adopted next month.
**We think we will be traveling w/ Jin Mings family and I have gotten to be friends w/ Jin Qiu's momma!

9.Jin Cong does not like strangers ,she is a timid girl ,she loves to play by herself or play with her friends ,she loves to smile ,her favorite activity is to play swing!
**Uh Oh! I love that she loves to smile, but I have yet to see one in her pictures. And I assume we are going to be considered strangers! Might be in for some fun!

10.Because Jin Cong has problem with her heart ,so you have to take good care of her when the weather changes ,it is easy for her to get a cold with the bad weather !
This just makes me even MORE excited and anxious and ready to get our girl!


Mom to my China Posse said...

Yipee! She sounds perfect!


Mom of 5 said...

How wonderful !!

Our House of Five said...

You are not a stranger silly, she knows you in her heart, so just pretend she likes to play hide and seek when she hides her eyes and peeks through to see if you have gone yet-it'll be fine!!!!! She sounds perfect doesn't she? Tracy

Esther said...

Jin Cong is so cute!! I can't wait to hold her in my arms... I am excited for you all~You could still bring the world's best translator *ahem* ME with you to China! It's never too late! hehe...

I am just curious...what makes you think that Asians like panda? :)

Amy said...

She is one step closer to home! We can't wait!

I like the comparisons between Sage and Mavery:
Mavery sleeps in a crib
Sage is an expert at escaping from cribs
Mavery uses a big vase to pee in
Sage might need to try using a vase to pee in
Mavery uses a regular cup to drink out of
Sage uses anyone's cup but hers to drink out of
Mavery doesn't like to be left alone in a room
Sage SHOULDN'T be left alone in a room
Mavery loves to swing
Swinging is one of the only things that Sage doesn't want to do
I'll stop there. :) I am so excited to see how God has put these perfect girls together to be sisters. They are both so precious and we can't wait to get Mavery home!!!