Friday, May 09, 2008

Random Things

Such an angel, Ms Malaine!

Showing off their matching sandles. Sage is so proud of her fli flops!
Smiley girl!
First year playing tball!

Sweet Sage
Spicey Girl!
Model Makenna, I need to post a picture of her now permed hair!
She is loving playing ball this year! (first year to play in 5 years!)

And the boy, who never wants his picture done!

  • How is Potty Training Going you might wonder? Actually, pretty well. I was getting frustrated, but decided I was going to stick it out. My girl might be spicy, but I am going to win this battle! I would say she is 95% there. Which is good right? She is not quite 2 1/2, much younger than some were in this house! it has now been about a week, so I am happy. Tonight was huge. We were at costco and she asked to go FOUR times. Which is so annoying. but she went every single time. And she ASKED.
  • We have 2 playing ball, one "playing" karate and one who wants to play so badly, but for some reason they don't smile on 2 years olds running the field during game time, or entering into the "karate room". One dad who thinks it is more fun to coach than to sit the sidelines w/ a certain someone who wants to run on the fields. So, in a way, I am playing to. Running to keep up with all of this! What in the world do you all do who have lots of kids in lots of things? Is it wrong to pray for rain every game night? ;-)
  • The children have passed 4th grade and 1st grade. YEEHAW! I have to say, there were days I thought I myself was going to pass them somewhere. And it involved the words boarding and school in it. ;-) But we made it. We think we dotted our i's and crossed our t's. Remember, Illinois, annoying adoption rules, but AWESOME home school laws. We are now about to move on to 5th grade, 2nd grade and Ms Malaine will be in kindergarten! I need to do a post on all this crazy home school stuff & what we are using. We are going to start school this month. No rest for the weary! We plan to home school year round, and take breaks as needed. Believe me, they are needed. And we want to have a good chunk of time off when we head to China.
  • Paperwork should head to China this week! The kids are just thrilled to eat at McDonald's again. We have been fasting from Fast Food almost since we started the paper chase. So they asked if we get to celebrate there this week! I could use a drive through for point number two, that is for sure.
  • Just wait till I post my nesting project that I worked on all day. Makenna's room. It was about the worst room in the house. I did take before and after of that.
  • I got one page done in my life book. It is a start. A slow start though!
  • Last MOPS meeting was yesterday till September. My last mops meeting as a steering member. I am not sure I will know what to do after 8 years of being on steering. Going to it and just sitting? Not being able to boss anyone around, it is so not in my nature! ;-)
  • People have asked me if I have LOST WEIGHT! So, at least something on my to do list is working. Been trying to exercise and make better food choices. Now, can I get it off and keep it off till china?

Ok, there you have it. Our life right now. But notice, I did not complain once about paperwork? Isn't that a happy post?


Mom to my China Posse said...

You wear me out with all your doing! lol....... Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see all the updates about your nesting and homeschooling, etc. You inspire me!