Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hip Happy Mothers Day!

Trying to figure out what my thoughts are today, and what do I want to blog about, here on Mothers Day. Do I..

  • Talk about my mother and the amazing mom she is? how she raised 2 children who love the Lord and how thankful I am for the heritage she has given to me and her grandchildren? Or Marks' mom(who was not here yet when we were taking pictures) and how blessed we are to have 2 grandmas that love Jesus and love their grandchildren? Along with the fact that they both live near us and are willing to take on 4 grandkids and did not even pause when we told them they had another waiting in China so they get to watch spicy girl for over 2 weeks (along w/ her 3 siblings) while we go and bring home their new granddaughter?

  • Blog about how amazed I am that I get to be a mom to many! I always wanted a bunch of babies and God has surely given me that! Maybe I should mention that my kids brought in breakfast in bed this morning, and though Dad quickly took them out because they were fighting over who exactly did what job, it was very sweet. Maybe I should say that I asked so nicely that Sage would not pee pee on my floor at all today, but she could care less that it is mothers day and why go on a potty today, she did that yesterday. Sigh...

  • I could not surely post with out mentioning that while it is a happy day, I am still a little sad knowing one of my babies is not here. And so while my arms are full, they also ache just a little bit wondering how Mavery is doing.

  • Or, maybe I should talk about how mothers day is no longer just about me or my mom. It now includes 2 mothers that I will never meet this side of heaven. (and please Lord, let us meet there) 2 mothers who gave birth to 2 of my daughters. 2 mothers who I envy, just a little bit, for the things they got of my babies. They felt life kicking inside, they saw the brand newness of Sage & Mavery. Oh how I love that first newborn cry and the amazing moments that followed. But though they were given that short time with them, I have been given forever with my girls, our girls. And so I think of them today with thankfulness for making a choice to give these girls life.

So, since I have nothing to say, ;-) I guess I will just say, Happy Mothers Day to all! I hope your day has been full of not to much whining, very few potty accidents on the floor and many hugs and kisses!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you look very beautiful in the first picture! It seriously looks like it would be in a parenting magazine or something. Not that you don't look lovely in all the photos (your gorgeous kiddos, too!) but the first one is stunning with you and Sage. Happy Mother's Day! This was a beautiful post. It covered all the bases. How you are thankful for your mom, you are thankful for your babies, your heart aches to hold the child that is not yet with you, and your respect and love for Sage and Mavery's first mothers. God bless you ALL!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Happy Mother's Day Shannon! Great photos! Next year we will have one more reason to smile on Mother's Day! :)