Monday, May 12, 2008

Mavery is OK

Many have asked if the earthquake in China affected Mavery at all. As far as we know, no. She is near Shanghai, so if we hear that on the news, we get worried.

The earthquake hit near where my cousins daughter was born, and I have many friends with children from that area also. (all home here now) I read in one town 1 out of every 10 residents was killed. It is just horrible. Today our agency talked about a high school that collapsed, and all the students killed. These parents did not lose one of their children, they lost their ONE child. so we need to join together, and we need to pray. It is scary, SO, so scary. I just want to get in there and bring my daughter home. It seems it is one disaster after another. Please pray for all those who have lost lives, and the destruction that is there now. And please continue to pray for Ms Mavery, that God would hold her safely in His arms and that this mama could just continue to have peace about her.

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Stephanie said...

My heart is so troubled for China. When I saw here the devastation was I let a sigh of relief out for little Mavery. And for you guys.
The Chinese heart breaks for them.
Praying in KC,