Monday, May 05, 2008

What Now?

The dossier, or our life on paper. Everything is here but that I-171! This pile now sits at our agency, just waiting to be sent on to China.

This was the envelope with our I-171. We knew as soon as we saw the return label what it was.
Notice we are allowed to bring TWO children home? Mark wants to know what I have not yet told him! haha!Authenticated from the Chinese Consulate.
Sealed by the Fabulous state of Illinois! ;-)
I have been doing a little shopping over the last few months. I am worried the ladybugs will be to summery by the time we get there though. ;-(
Matching of course.

These are my favorites, is that not the cutest ever? Tutu's, love it!Polka dots and ladybugs, fun pj's.

What actually happens now that we have an I-171 in our possession? Last week we sent it on Tuesday to be state certified and authenticated. It will go straight from there to our agency. They will finish up our dossier, and then it will go to China. We were bummed today to find out that it will not go from Chicago to our agency now till NEXT Tuesday the 13th. We were expecting it to go to china this week. Days may not seem like a big deal, but in the end it can cost you a month's time(or more). Typically you can send your stuff to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago, and they have a 24 hour turn around service you can pay extra for. SURPRISE, they have suspended that as of 4/15.
I am frustrated. I feel as if we have hit one bump after another with this paperwork. Not one thing has gone MY way, since I laid eyes on Mavery in November. And while my head knows, that God works ALL things for good. He IS in control and He knows when it is the right time to go. My heart is having a harder time submitting to that. So today I remember all the things that God has done..
  • He changed Marks heart. Mark said no for 6 weeks. And it was not just a no, it was a you are out of your mind and there is NO WAY this is our daughter no.
  • He has blessed us again and again with our fundraising.
  • We have been able to get pictures of Mavery. Many get nothing from referral to Gotcha Day.
  • She is in a good place, and people have seen her firsthand.
  • He delivered our I171 in 7 weeks. It could have taken 8-12, like we were told.
  • He has allowed me the privilege to adopt. How many say they would like to, but don't?
  • He has given me more new adoption friends through this journey.
  • He loves me and forgives me even in these times when I question WHY I have to wait.

So, while we secretly had hoped all along to travel in July, we are good with September, which is when we are "guessing". And we will be OK with October, which is what is possible with this extra few days of waiting again. We have 2 October birthdays we sure hate to miss, but we will worry about that when the time comes.

One would think I would have learned my lesson through the wait for Sage. Submit, trust, be still. I really WANT to do all that and be all that. But I am who I am. And probably 5 more adoptions would not change that!

I should add that I had emailed the USCIS last week on Monday. Right before we got our paper. And no, I did not send my blog letter or anything like that! They wrote me back today and she was very kind. So, if you need to speak to them, I have a new friend there! hehe!

By the way, this is my 300th post, who knew I had so much to say!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

First of all the outfits are SOOOOO cute! Can you believe we can start buying everything in pairs for our girlies! I could just copy and paste your post to my blog because I am feeling the EXACT same way that you are. I'm sitting on my I-171 because I don't have the money to proceed. I have to wait for maybe 1 or 2 more paydays unless someone decides to drop a large sum of cash at my doorstep. Like you...every day the clock is ticking and if I could only sumbit the dossier I could go sooner. This week has been the most frustrating for me but its all in HIS timing. This is my 3rd adoption and I haven't learned to be patient. Hang in there my friend...I feel your pain!!!

Mom of 5 said...

It really is just as emotional gathering all paperwork. Nothing seem quick enough !
You are soooo close.

Chisum Family said...

I was also having one of those days today... asking why?, where is my I171H?, etc. I needed to remeber those things He's done so faithfully in our lives, too. Thanks for being real and encouraging me along our journey to Jinny. Many blessings!