Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nesting 101

Recipes before
Recipes After

Hallway Closet
Sawyer & Malaines room

I am nesting, there is no doubt! I feel as if I got the I-171 and then have all this energy and I HAVE to get stuff done! I really wish I had taken before and after shots of the things I have accomplished in the last few days. Sadly, nothing Mavery related so far. And I have not gone as far as to get suitcases out or anything like that. (though I do have a china pile growing in my closet!) I am pretty excited though about what I did get done. The recipe cabinet has been on my to do list for, YEARS. I have about a thousand cookbooks and then I had this huge box of loose recipes that I have saved since we were married. Just stacked in this box, and of course I never use them because it is a big mess. I am sure some of you are way more organized than I am and have this recipe thing figured out, but it took me awhile. So I went to walmart and bought a photo album and divider tabs. Divided my Huge stack of recipes into categories, even making myself a tab for holiday recipes and fun kid ideas. Put each recipe onto a page in its section, and there you have it! Maybe it will motivate me to cook more.
Next on the list was our hall closet. It is the catch all closet along with holding toys, games, pictures, etc.. I want it to hold school supplies and scrapbook items. So I banished ALL toys, (well most toys) to the basement, and only ONE toy is allowed out per kid at a time. I now have room to put the scrapbook supplies AND school things in this closet.
Last was Sawyer and Malaines room. Last week, I could not walk in their room. One of them, is neater than the other. But neither of them care if it is messy. So again, banished most toys out of there, and we actually have empty shelves!
Next on the list
  • Sage's lifebook.
  • Paint the hallway
  • Lose 15 pounds
  • Learn a little mandarin
  • End & then begin the next school year.
  • Lose 15 pounds.
  • braces? for makenna
  • learn how to use our camera well.
  • Figure out how to organize 100 barbies and that many polly pockets?
  • Did i mention lose 15 pounds? ;-)

Hopefully I can keep this energy up, keep checking off my list(which is much longer than this) and move on to Mavery. Why is it when we have new babies coming, we get this way? As if the baby can't come home if the closets are a mess? I don't know, but I am thankful because it sure makes me smile to walk into a neat closet! I do know the weight part is sure going MUCH slower than the organization part!


Finally a Family of Four said...

I know what you mean by being on a organization kick.
Ever since I had this garage sale I want to organize, rearrange and freshen up some rooms with new pictures and stuff.
Plus, I still have not organized my China pictures in a photo album.
I like you receipe idea.
Talk to you this week.

Mom of 5 said...

I love to nest !!
I wouldn't mind shedding a few pounds too !

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love it! Organizing feels so good. Enjoy your closets. :-) The thing I love about cleaning is it gives me the illusion of control. I feel closer to her when I do things to prepare for her. It gives me joy. I hope it gives you the same.


Our House of Five said...

Oh goodie, you are almost done and I know you won't be satisfied and you know you are going to want to do more-so I have a big list waiting for you! Do you think maybe you can come on over in about two weeks and you can just get started on my list-o.k., o.k. good see you then! Oh and the 15 pounds, no problem after taking care of my list-oh and did I mention you will have to take care of my kids too? See, you will be SO skinny!!!!!