Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miracle of the Moment

There is much that could be learned from my youngest daughter. Sage ChenYi Mae LIVES life. She embraces life, she loves life. She really does. I swear you are unable to spend time with her with out laughing. Sage does not worry about tomorrow, or even actually what is going to happen in 5 minutes. She simply lives in the moment. Sometimes this does not work in her favor for it gets her hurt or in trouble. And there is no doubt, she can wear me out. But that is simply because I don't live in the moment enough. I am always wondering about the next moment. Today Sage is 2 1/2 years old! We have made it HALF WAY through 2! I can't believe she is halfway to 3, My baby is not a baby that is for sure. I hope that she never ever loses this amazing laugh. I pray that she embraces Jesus with the same passion that she embraces life. I wish that she could always keep this ability to not worry about things. I hope that she will continue to never meet a stranger and always meet everyone with a huge HI and a smile.
My Sage, she is a spicy girl that is for sure. but it is what makes her Sage. I can not imagine my life with out her. How am I so blessed to be her mommy? Thank you God for choosing me to mommy her. Thank you for allowing me to hear this belly laugh and watch her dancing every single day. And yep, thank you even for the worn out moments of cleaning up lipstick on walls or markers on couches or running onto ballfields because she thinks she should be able to play w/ the 10 year olds. Thank you for chinese smiles and silky black hair. Thank you for making my heart beat for children not only that could grow in me, but that were born to another. Thank you for giving me each moment that you have and help me to live in the miracles that I have.
As you can see, Sage enjoyed ChuckECheese yesterday! The only thing she does not like is the mouse himself. It is quite funny to see this fearless child, afraid! She walks in saying, no chucke, no chucke! And when he comes out she pulls my hands over her face. yet then she did shout out a hi to him w/ her famous wave. She loves the rides. If the ride does not go high or fast, she bounces around to make it SEEM to be fast.
Some Sage Stuff for 30 months..
  • She weighs 24 pounds and is 36 inches tall.
  • She sleeps from 9pm-at least 9am, alot of days till 10! (thank goodness we homeschool!)
  • And yep, she naps at least 2 hours. So there are advantages to having a spicy girl!
  • Her language is exploding. It is so funny hearing her say such big things.
  • She loves to watch Nia Hao kai lan, the only show she will watch.
  • She has the biggest sweet tooth I have ever seen.
  • I have not changed a dirty diaper in over a week!
  • She only has about one "wet" accident a day. So we are close.
  • She loves to tell us the colors of everything and count for us. (of course it might be 1,5 2, 7!)
  • She is getting to be a picky eater. Ah, just like the others.
  • She still takes a bottle and pacy at bedtime. But I don't care, did you see how well she sleeps!
  • She talks of Mavery and knows she is in China and that mommy & daddy are going on a plane to china. She does not really get it.
  • She is hilarious, really.

Here is hoping we can all learn to live in the moment more!

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