Friday, June 06, 2008

If you Give a Girl a LID

If you give a girl a LID, she will be so excited that she will not be able to sleep.

If she is not able to sleep, she will stay up all night planning out her entire trip to China, that is still months away.

If she plans out her entire trip, it will remind her of how truly amazing China is and will make her try to figure out how to see as much as she can in a short amount of time.

And all that planning of being on the other side of the world will also remind her that she is leaving her kids for 2 weeks.

That will get her nervous and sad and wonder how they are going to do with out her.

So then that will take more planning because she needs to get them little gifts to open while she is gone.

And so when she makes a list of the little gifts, it will remind her of all the other things that she needs to get done.

She will add about 10 pages on to the already LONGGGGGG list of things to do before she leaves for china.

She will then get in panic mode and think about how her list is now 18 pages long and she will go to China in possibly 3 months.

She will look at her list and see what is not so important, but in her state of mind think that even cleaning under the stove & behind the refrigerator must be done because her new daughter can NOT come into a house that might have hidden crumbs somewhere.

And thinking of the kitchen will make her add even more on to her list because wouldn’t it be great to have a ton of frozen meals on hand for the grandparents and herself for when she gets home?

Which will lead to thinking of coming home on the plane with a 2 year old, on a 14 hour flight and she will be reminded of why she is not taking 4 other children w/ her.

Coming home will also help her remember that she will be coming home with an angel, that God surely has had on her heart since He first planted adoption there.

And that will lead her to her knees in thanksgiving to God, for the miracles of adoption, the miracles of children, and the miracle that she is able to have these FIVE gifts from Him.

All Because you gave a mom a LID!


Anonymous said...

I loved reading your post. So excited for you guys. I know Mavery is going to be very loved. Praise God for this special gift he has given you.

Kelly Yochum

Stefanie said...

So true!! The way you feel SO close to China one minute and the next you feel SO far. And yet, either way, so much to do!! Wish I'd gotten a lot done sooner... still need to clean under that refrigerator ;)
Congrats on your LID!!!

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Oh...I love that!!!

Our House of Five said...

And If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! Aren't you clever! What fun to write out all that! Now go get some sleep so you can clean under the stove!


Esther said...

Dear Shannon...

I am VERY excited and glad that I could share this joyful moment with you all!!!!

Don't forget to relax and rest so you could finish the list of things before you leave for China.

I I can already picture in my head...the picture of you, Mark, and Mavery coming out of the gate in the airport and people shouting and making joyful noises...welcoming you all to be loved!!!!!

Perseverance Shannon~ :)

Mom to my China Posse said...

I love your take on "If you Give a Mouse a cookie" adoption style. How true at first we want to get thru the homestudy, then assured our LOI is on the way, Then we want PA, then we want to finish the paperchase, the the LID, then the LOA, then TA, then our travel arrangemtnets, then plane tickets, then for the grandest moment of Gotcha day where we want to slow it all down! Aren't we fickle. lol........