Thursday, August 06, 2009

Chicago Day 1-Run Forest Run!

It takes a team to watch Sugar & Spice! Especially when Ms Jenny has had a headache for 5 days. Hope they did not make it worse and we appreciate you all! Malaine & Kit are ready to go!
That is a BIG city!
Navy Pier

The already mostly eaten funnel cake that really was not so great. Though Makenna likes the powdered sugar!

I am pretty sure that was the quietest car ride EVER. I forget what it is like to not have toddlers around. I was actually able to finish up my chore packs I have been working on along with our schedule for the new school year. Things I have been working on for months, but just did not have the chance for a long stretch of quiet to really think. So, the drive alone was succesful for me! We ran into alot of traffic on the way down, but the kids never even complained once. (in case you wonder, we left our little girls at home, and being here it was the right choice!)

We like our hotel alot, the kids said they feel like they are in a "movie star place"! (we got a good deal online when we booked LONG ago. ) We checked in and walked down to Navy Pier. Quite a walk but we figure it is good practice for Disney. ;-) We had dinner at Bubba Gumps which is one of our favorite places to eat. Then enjoyed walking around the pier. We walked through a "fun maze" which the kids were SOO excited about, but we were pretty bummed once it was over. Not nearly as exciting as they made it sound.

Ended the evening with funnel cakes and watching Monsters vs Aliens. The girls have their dolls in bed so they are ready for breakfast at American Girl! Should be quite fun. Boys are going to do boy things, not American Girl, in case you worried I might make them.

As nice as the quiet and break is, I am missing my little girls & know I will be ready to get home on Sunday. Very thankful to friends and grandparents for helping them have lots of fun.

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Mom to my China Posse said...

Bubba Gumps is my favorite resturant of all times. We first found one in Maui and went several times and we still talk about it. Glad you guys had such a great time.