Monday, August 03, 2009

Kansas City-Song Song & Ming Ming

Forever Friends!
Isaiah & Malaine after they painted their faces, they were so cute together!
They had an area for fishing for magnetic fish that was fun. I love the above pictures, it is like they were sharing secrets, so sweet!
In the bottom picture Mavery has a stash of fish in her dress that Ming Ming was catching for her.
Sage LOVED painting her face and spent a very long time in that area.

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We traveled to Kansas City this weekend because our friends were going to be there. We traveled this time to China with Jeff & Leigh who live to far away. Texas to be exact. So with news that they would be just 4 hours from our home, we knew we had to go so we could get the girls together. Leigh and I have been talking, wondering how it would go. When I mention China to Mavery now, she folds her arms and pouts her lips and says, "No China, me not like China". And when I told her we would get to see Ming Ming this weekend, she said NO MING MING. I really think she thought that Ming Ming was going to try to take her back to China. And Leigh said, that if Emma (ming) could, she just might do that! ;-) We met at a park in KC and just getting out of the car Mavery was clinging to me. We walked in and there was Emma who came running over and Mavery hid her face and wanted nothing to do with her. Of course for me it was so emotional. Partly just seeing Leigh again and Emma has changed so much! Partly the fact that I guess I thought these 2 little friends would see each other and embrace like they had never left!

It did not take long and Mavery was full of giggles and these 2 sweet girls fell right back into their rolls from their life before us. Ming Ming mothering SongSong around, Song Song being ornery and not listening to her. ;-)

I have had the chance to see a few of the families we shared our trip to China with, and each time, it is so sweet. To see the change in Emma/MingMing is just amazing. I think with our own children, we do not see it as much. We forget how far they have come. So to see Emma with her long hair and loving her mama, speaking english, getting tall and skinny, it really was a gift for me. I love that little girl and she will always be MingMing to us, Maverys China sister. And of course spending the day with Leigh and Isaiah is a gift as well! I only wish we did not live so far apart.

More friends & fun to come from our weekend!

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Crawford said...

How how wonderful! I don't think I would have recognized Emma. I'm so happy for your girls that you've been able to stay connected. They will forever value their friendship. Thanks for sharing!
Jerrilea in WA