Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Helping Families

I have added 2 links on my sidebar and I hope that you will take a peek by clicking on them. A family is trying to raise the money to turn in their dossier for their son who waits in China. They are doing a give away and if you can spare a few dollars, just think of how it might help them out. I just found their story and was very inspired reading it. Also, if you drop in to my friend Robins blog, she has an auction going on to help them. I LOVE love love the outfit she has up. Go take a look and see for yourself. Robin is amazing as are her clothes. You know maybe not all of us are called to adopt, but ALL of us are called to help the orphans. Maybe it is as simple as throwing in some $ on an auction to change the life of one little boy who waits. Skip McDonalds this week and enter to help, you won't regret it.

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Mom to my China Posse said...

This family use to live very near me, in fact while they were waiting for their first daughter from China they visted with me and the girls a couple times. I am so happy for them. They have since moved but i ahve stayed in touch from time to time.