Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chicago Day 3 Legos & Lola

On our 3rd day in Chicago we headed outside of the city (traffic, oh the traffic) to Legoland. Sawyer was all about the legos and he was SO excited about this part in the trip. He was not disappointed. We were all impressed with what they built out of legos. Everything you see, is from legos. Amazing. We went through a jungle adventure, cute! Sawyer had a great time racing his car he built, especially because he continued to win over and over! They loved the large legos and I have been looking to see if I could find those for home for the little girls, they were great fun. No luck so far.
They had a few small rides, a 4 d movie and the kids all had a great time playing.
After legoland we stopped and had Chicago hot dogs, yum! Then headed back to the Pier for a speed boat ride on the lake. The kids were really bummed that we could not go on the wild speed boat ride, but Malaine was to short.

From there we took a water taxi to the Sears Tower. Which is now called The Willis Tower. (i think that was the new name) We did not plan well for this and went later in the day along with the entire city of Chicago. We waited 2 1/2 hours in line. Not fun. The kids were not all that impressed either, but did enjoy walking out in the new glass skywalk things. CRAZY! It is basically a glass square you step out of the building into. It took alot for me to make that first step, it really does look like you are walking out into the sky! We left here for another taxi ride to Ed Debeveks. Kids LOVED it! Pretty hilarious.

They make fun of you or are mean and sarcastic the entire time. Our waitress was "Sexy Lola" and we all had fun with her. We left here with a late night Chicago walk back to our hotel. Our children were a little more educated than need be, but we survived! And now I am almost finally caught up with our trip!

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