Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 4- Goodbye Chicago, it's been fun!

This was a bad angle of what was in the case, but Makenna loved Josefina and went on and on about how beautiful she & her hair was.
Makenna & Julie in their matching T's with Julies display.

We were all impessed with the bathrooms. Even had hooks to hang your dolls on in the stalls.

We ate in the food court with the dolls, so funny.

Sawyer at the Lego Store. This is where they would hang out while we were at AG. I did have a talk with the boy worker here. Where are the girl legos? I know they have some, but they are few. He claimed they are working on it.

Makenna with a very impressive hair do for Julie.

On our last day in Chicago the girls & I made a quick trip back to American Girl. Malaine wanted her picture done on a magazine but she had a stye on her first day. Not that we were sad to return! On our drive home we stopped briefly at Ikea. I heart Ikea, but my children were tired and crabby and ready to get home so it was not a very exciting stop. Would love to see one built here. Soon. That is one store even Mark wishes we had. (and Mark wanting a store is VERY rare!) That finally wraps up our Chicago trip! We had a great time and made many fun memories. And the girls did great at home. Chuck E Cheese, Monkey Joes, they were well taken care of!

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Makenna said...

American girl was soooooo much fun!
me and malaine had the best time EVER!