Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kansas City Meeting New Friends

The farm had a great playground for the kids to play on.

Sage loved feeding the goats a bottle. These goats were not quite as aggressive as the ones at Grants Farm!

Mavery was not such a nice bottle feeder. She would let one have it for about 5 seconds and then rip it away and run to another goat. But she had fun!

All the kids enjoyed a ride on the saddle. That was in the room with the cows. I guess in Kansas they saddle their cows. ;-)

This was Sawyers KC face. I have no idea.

Enjoying a cold treat on the cow.

Lunch! Jamison was enjoying a rib as big as she was, it was to cute!

Sawyer, Makenna holding Mavery Carson holding Jamison
Malaine, Graham, Tyler, Cooper, Heisler Addison & Sage

On Sunday we were able to meet up with a friend I met online when I got my referral of Sage. Tracy has a daughter from Chenzhou, and was good friends with my friend Kathy. So we connected and what a blessing Tracy is to me! (Remember HUGE cupcakes when Mavery had surgery, remember adorable gotcha day tshirt? Yep, this is that Tracy!) I was determined I was not leaving Kansas City this time with out finally getting to meet her. And it is not just because she sent those cupcakes that I love her, though that helped. ;-) She has just been such a comfort to me through both of my adoptions and is a really good listener & encourager. (which means she lets me unload about my kids and gets it!) She also has 5 children. 2 of her daughters she used the agency I used with Sage, her little guy was with the agency I used for Mavery. We met at a really neat farm and the kids all enjoyed that. Then ended with BBQ where my brother & sis in law joined us. 12 kids at lunch, it actually went pretty well! Thank you Tracy for making us feel so welcome and for being such a sweet friend! Loved meeting you &your family and hope we get to see more of you.

I did not get the camera out when we were at the house, but we enjoyed staying with Marks brother Brett and my sis in law Amy. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins. They were so kind to let us invade their house after they had been gone at youth camp all week and Amy sure made us some yummy desserts. Being a pampered chef consultant I guess means you have to bake well because she does!

Overall the kids did great, we never know with the little girls how they will do away from home, we just do not travel as much as we used to! We were actually surprised at how well Mavery did, she seemed to actually do well with all the change and noises and busyness. Now the car, that is another story. I did threaten to cancel Disney on the drive down, it was that bad. 4 of my children do GREAT in a car. Honestly, they play, they sing, they read, they watch tv. Mavery just whines. Or screams. Or hits the person next to her. And NEVER stops. It is REALLY hard. I am trying to come up with more ideas for the trip down, other than having someone fly her. We had planned on driving all night so hopefully that will help.

Suitcases are unpacked from KC and now getting repacked for Chicago! We are looking forward to some big kid time and the little girls are looking forward to some Ms Jenny and grandparents time!

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