Monday, August 17, 2009

Disney Countdown-52 days to go!

To add to the fun of our Disney Trip we are doing Disney Countdown days each week. So far we have had 2 and the kids love it. The little girls are not familiar with all of the Disney movies so we want to introduce them to all the characters they will get to meet. Our first day was Aladdin. We went on magic carpet rides. Played hot potato with our tea pot aka our magic genie bottle. Musical carpets and watched Aladdin. We had a dinner of chicken kabobs, fruit kabobs and of course monkey bread in honor of Abu. (aladdins monkey!) We can't wait!


Mom to my China Posse said...

how Cool!!!!!!!! What a fun thing to do. This is Abby's favorite Disney movie and jasmine is her favorite princess. they love the Magic carpet ride to at magic Kingdom, watch out for the spitting camel!

Nancy said...

Too bad you didn't see Aladdin when you were in Chicago. It was playing at Navy Pier. I took my 3.5 yr. old g'daughter and she LOVED it.