Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kansas City- Spicy Friends

Saturday evening we met friends for dinner at the T-Rex Cafe. Sage & Tatumn were both from Chenzhou Hunan, so they are spicy girls! Though I am certain one is a little more spicy than the other. ;-) We were also able to see Myer and her sweet family. They were on our first trip to China, but went to a different province. Myer has faced alot in her little life and is such a miracle. Her smile and giggle can light up the room. Sage was not so sure when we first went into the restaurant. She is not a fan of loud noises and it was certainly loud. She sat next to Tatumn but did not want anything to do with her for the first little bit. But by the end they were full of little girl giggles and smiles, holding hands and hugs. Funny thing, Sage wanted the dino that walked around to come over and get a hug, Mavery was scared to death of him. But Mavery LOVED how loud the place was.

After dinner the girls started a round of Ring around the Rosie which drew quite the crowd. You notice the little blonde, who patiently waited to be invited in the circle. So cute!

My girls LOVED the fountain and were just about in it swimming around. Tatumn wanted nothing to do with that and as you can see in the picture the hand holding and hugs were over once Sage got wet. The last picture is their "chinese smiles", silly girls!

Still more weekend fun to come!

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