Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Makenna's Fear Factor 13th Party!

For Makenna's 13th birthday she chose a fear factor birthday party. Some of you might not remember the show, but the basis is people did crazy things to win! Perfect for our daredevil child!

We started out with a baby food challenge. Which they TRIED but proved harder than they thought to eat mushed meat and veggies! After that it was a dirty diaper challenge. Had to eat the candy hidden in the poo!
On to outside for an egg toss!
And just when they thought it was not so bad, we brought out the big guns.
Not a great picture, but it was full of worms, crickets, more worms, DISGUSTING! They had to dig in it for a bottle of bubbles and pull it out and blow 13 bubbles. I wish I had a picture of the first 2 girls who ran up, their faces were priceless!
Sara thinking about eating a cricket, but not going through with it. We needed her dad here to do that one!
For this one they had to carry pigs feet and drop them in a bucket.
Then it was on to eating, yum! First round was dog food. (actually put hash into the can!)
We had oysters and sardines! Only 2 were brave enough to stomach those!

The last challenge was a scavenger hunt at Walmart. Thanks to Megan for helping with the clues! My camera died so I did not get pictures inside. But the girls did a GREAT job, especially getting a photo with 10 people in it. I never realized how dead walmart is on Friday nights!

A kitty litter cake was Makenna's request! Yummo! Actually it was pretty
delicious. It is a spice cake and yellow cake baked and crumbled together. Melted tootsie rolls and some food coloring.
Make a wish!


Jodi said...

What a fun party!! We used to love that show! Our Kenzie had a "I survived a Japanese game show" party! Fun times!

benilhalk said...

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