Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Malaine Shaye turns 8!

On October 8th we celebrated our little Lainey Bug turning eight years old! Our middle child, our surprise child, our easy if we could be guaranteed 10 more of her we would surely have more children child! ;-) So 8 things about Ms Malaine Shaye.

1. She is always smiling now. However, she was my only baby who had colic BAD. Cried from 10pm -2am E.V.E.R.Y. night for months. You would never know that now, she is so happy.

2. She has muscles in her arms that would shock you. She can do more pull ups than most men I know!
3. She is always happy. Except when she is really mad. Which is rare but when she is, watch out!
4. LOVES babies, and anything to do with babies. I won't be shocked to have lots of grandbabies some day from her!
5. Is part monkey. We have a column in our dining room that she climbs on and hangs from. Some kids are attached to dolls, my daughter is attached to a poll. ;-)
6. Makes me feel like I am the best mommy in the world. Always comes to thank me, hug me, tell me how nice I am.
7. Gets away with ALOT because of all the reasons mentioned above. All she has to do is ask and the answer for her is typically yes!

8. She is SO tiny. She and Mavery can share clothes. (3 years age difference) She was just a bit offended one day at preschool when one of the kids asked her if she was new. She set him straight telling him she was in 2nd grade and just dropping off her sisters!

Happy 8th birthday Malaine! We sure are crazy about you!

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Anonymous said...

Lots more reasons than that to love our Lainey Bug!

Aunt Deb