Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

 Our sweet Scarecrow during trick or treating on Main Street. Our town has done this for as long as I can remember, always the saturday before halloween.  At one shop they said they had over 500 trick or treaters so far that day! I think it is really neat that the business owners are all so willing to do this for our kids, and it is a neat way to see new things in town we sometimes miss.
 We met up with our good friends while on Main Street.  Between us we have 9 girls and then Sawyer. He keeps hoping they are going to adopt a boy for him to have a BFF!   We promise him that someday he is going to be happy to be surrounded by girls!
 Each year our church has a trunk or treat.  This year our theme was the Wizard of Oz.  We combine with my mom, cousin and aunt to all match.  (they will say that I just boss them around and tell them what to do, might be slightly true!)  This is our tin girl, scarecrow and lion.  Notice the yellow brick road, it ran in front of all our cars.
 Our trunk was the house, complete with witch legs under it! Mark even got our tornado to spin!

Munchkin land, complete with munchkins done by Aunt Debbie & Uncle Terry!

 Amy as the Rainbow holding Leighton the Lion with her Hot Air balloon.  She is so creative!

 Emerald City done by my mom.

All the kids together
Our Crew. Mark and I were Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.  Makenna Dorothy.  Malaine was the Scarecrow.  Sawyer the wizard of Oz.  Sage & Mavery the lullabye league munchkins and we had an extra.  Makennas friend Jordan dressed as Glinda.

Already thinking ahead to next years theme! ;-)


annaliese said...

so cute! love the munchins :) Ian feels the exact same way as Sawyer--always surrounded by girls ~ like you said, someday they will love it ;)

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

I love it...especially the entire Dorothy family! :)