Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Our Last First Day of Pre School

It had to come at some point I guess. Eventually the babies are no longer babies. And so in September, I dropped them off for their first day of preschool, their LAST first day of preschool. And for now, our last first day of preschool. It was so bittersweet for me. Because I am not going to lie. I might have been known to be counting down the days for school to begin. We ALL are better when we are in a schedule and routine. They LOVE school, and I love school! But when I really think of it, my BABIES are turning 5 soon! This is the last year of preschool. They are getting so big, it is going so fast.

They are back at the same school again this year. It really works out perfect for us. It is close to home, and they go 4- 1/2 days a week. They are able to take soccer and karate during school, which is great. They love Ms Angi!

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Amy said...

Ok, that is super sad. Good thing they looked so cute on their last first day. :-)