Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our favorite Lancaster Eatery

Our first day in Lancaster we ate at a deli named Isaacs, right near our hotel. It was SOOO yummy, we returned our last day. If you ever are near one, GO! The tomato basil soup was heavenly! Some of us had it our first night and we ALL had it our last day, YUM!

Along w/ the roast beef sandwich on a pretzel, so good! the kids menu was fantabulous. They loved the rainbow bread and make your own PB&J. i wanted to buy the bread to bring home but at $5 a loaf decided, no.

Fun straws!

Even Sawyer smiled here, and if you know our Sawyer, you know how picky he is!

Marshmallows for PB & J is so fun!

Finally, only a month late I finished up our vacation! It was a great trip and lots of fun memories! Thankfully we had an uneventful trip home. We had planned to stop at Gettysburg but by the end of our trip we were so tired and Mark decided taking the little girls there did not sound like fun. He said he will take Sawyer sometime as a boys trip to walk the battlefield!
So after a very busy summer of traveling, we are home with no trips scheduled! Next posts coming up... First day of school, Gotcha Day, and birthday party catch up. Birthday season is upon us at our house!

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