Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hershey Factory!

We stayed in Lancaster, which was just about 20 minutes from Hershey. As we drove near the town, we could smell the chocolate and we loved the lamposts that looked like Kisses!

We visited the factory where we learned everything there is to know about chocolate! We went on a ride that showed how chocolate is made. Of course the best part was the ending where they hand out samples!

We did a taste testing adventure with all different types of chocolate, yum! We also learned that the monkeys were the first to discover chocolate!

We saw a 3D movie where you got what else, a sample of chocolate on your way out!

We took a trolley ride that took us all around Hershey and gave the history of Mr Hershey which was very interesting.

We wandered around the factory, feeling as if we were in Chocolate Heaven!

And our favorite, we got to design and create our own candy bars. YUM!

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