Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hershey Park

We spent Wednesday evening and Thursday all day at Hershey Park. It was HOT and it was crowded, which just seems to follow us no matter where we go! It is a nice park. I like that they have kiddie rides mixed in with the big rides. Made things much easier.

I love watching my kids personalities at the parks. Makenna & Sawyer have no fear and will ride anything. Malaine, can typically be talked into most rides, but is really happiest on the smaller rides. Mavery, WANTS to ride it all. The faster the better for her! Unfortunately that is not safe for her with her heart and some of the rides we did allow, were probably not good. Sage, surprisingly is fearful on the rides and is perfectly content on the merry go round or even just sitting in the stroller. We did take the youngest 2 on their first roller coaster ride. They LOVED it. (think mine train at 6flags) Along with the merry mixer, some cute giggles could be heard from that!

We did not have our double stroller because most every time Sage refuses to sit in it. Of course this trip she wanted to sit, so we had to improvise!

Mavery spent alot of the day looking like this. Heat, no nap and lines do not go well for her! If she was on a ride she was fine, but if not, watch out!

I love the height chart, each size a different chocolate. My cute, but tired little kisses!

Finally, cotton candy, their favorite!

The big kids were here, I promise. I just spent more time with the littles this day while Mark took the bigs on the big rides!

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