Thursday, September 30, 2010

Malaines Baby!

While in Lancaster we wandered upon a doll factory. A dream come true for girls, not so much for boys. We went one day and Malaine is my "baby" child. She LOVES babies, adores them. Out of all my girls, she is the most like me as far as that goes. I was really into dolls as a child. So this place was heaven for her. We went one of our first days and all week she talked about wanting to return to use her $ to buy a doll. So, she just batted those big blue eyes at her daddy, flashed that toothless grin, and back to the doll factory we went!

At the doll factory they have a "special" doll nursery upstairs. (also known as the not as cheap area of dolls of course) And wouldn't you know, that is right where our little Lainey headed. but who can resist? Babies laying in bassinets that look real? A dream come true for a doll lover! So she spent a very long time looking over each baby, checking out how they felt, their expression and oh was it a hard choice! But finally this little beauty won out having Lainey as her new mama! They gowned her up, and placed her new baby in her arms! I mean come on, is that face not priceless!
They weighed the baby, who was actually about 3 lbs!

Even got Dr Makenna in on it. (dad sent her in to tell us to hurry up since he was stuck in the car w/ the other 4!)
And then we were off to decide a name. Which was settled as Rachel, since she was born in Amish country and all. I think Rachel has the most perfect mommy ever!


Anonymous said...

I agree - Rachel is a very lucky little baby! Loved looking at all the pics - I love those kids!!!!


Amber said...

Lainey will be a great momma! Such a sweetie!

Makenna said...

i warned mom NOT 2 put that picture of me as "dr makenna" on the blog! and where is it now on the blog!!